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Danfoss Telematics Solutions


Welcome to the Danfoss Telematics Solutions value calculator. Through the calculator you will be able to quickly identify potential savings and benefits of the Danfoss Telematics Solutions for your applications based on your inputs.

Knowledge at a glance with the simplicity of plug-and-perform, the Danfoss Telematics Solutions help you benefit from ever-widening data flow by using it to boost efficiency and product lifespan, minimize downtime, report equipment location, use and condition — and more. The Danfoss Telematics Solutions have a seamless integration with the PLUS+1 development and service tools, which allows for real-time remote access to applications.

To find out how the Danfoss Telematics Solutions will benefit you, simply begin by using default values or entering your own information. Then fill out the appropriate information.

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*This number expresses the variants of machines produced per year, NOT total machines. Example: 75 machines (50 rollers and 25 pavers) are produced per year. The rollers and pavers are the variants, meaning there are two (2) variants.